Tour Guiding

April 30, 2017

A weekend with family means hitting all of the best sights in Paris. There is no better reason to look edgy than simply walking around for a day in Paris. I took this opportunity to wear some of my favorite new pieces.

From the bottom, I started off with a pair of black flat booties from Pimkie (store in Paris). I added my black “not your average ripped jeans” with the frayed bottom. These were paired with one of my favorite graphic tees. This vibrant t-shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I added a baggy cream, oversized cardigan from Free People. This look didn’t seem to be complete without a french braid to add the last bit of edge.

This outfit kept me warm on the breezy day of walking around the city, and has been one of my favorite spring looks since I have been in Paris. And lucky for me my family helped me snapa few pictures. 




April 28, 2017

The hardest place in Paris to compete with is definitely the Louvre. When you are going to be surrounded by the magnificent art of the world, how can you possibly decide what to wear? This was my struggle every time I have visited the Louvre, but this was my favorite solution.


A sunny, spring day in Paris is something to take advantage of. Although there was still a breeze, layering your favorite spring essentials is the best way to solve that problem. I found my favorite pair of spring jeans to center my look around. They are a soft, and somewhat shiny material with a spring bird pattern discretely beneath the lace put on top (purchased at TOPSHOP). The pastel shades of blue, pink, and green scream spring, and can be paired with a simple cream or white blouse.

I did this exactly, with a plain cream, long sleeve blouse, and topped it off with a light wash denim jacket. This jean jacket adds a little bit of edge to the sweet pant/shirt combination, but its light shade keeps the outfit looking springy and doesn’t distract from the other pieces. I added a pair of simple, nude Sam Edelman sandals, and a light cream boutique cross body to finish off the look. This outfit goes easily with pearls or any shade of jewelry because of its softness and light colors.



I’m not sure any fashion can quite compare or even stand next to the amazing art of the Louvre, but I made my best effort for a spring day in Paris at the most incredible museum in the world.

Annecy, France 

April 19, 2017

A day by the lake in the spring in Annecy, France is one to remember. But bring your sweaters- the wind is wild!

For a day of touring, good eats, and lake views, I paired some warm basics for a cute and easy look. I started off with a classic pair of long Lululemon leggings and Stan Smiths for easy walking. I added a big, fluffy light brown sweater from Free People, but the holes in the sweater asked for a light wash jean jacket from Target (great find!). I added a black halter top bralette for a sweet extra, and a pair of dark green, marble sunglasses by Michael Kors.

These essentials are the best way to stay warm by the gorgeous view of Lake Annecy while keeping me feeling fab!

Train Travels

April 20, 2017

A train trip back from Annecy, France calls for comfortable, cute. For the ride I chose Lululemon leggings and and a slouchy Free People sweater overtop a nude long sleeve with silver sewn lining on the hems. I added a gold tusk shaped necklace from a small Parisian boutique. My sister paired a pair of mom jeans with a soft coral Zara sweater with a high neck and Parisian, puffy sleeve. She added a sweet and tiny David Yurman initial necklace that hung over the sweater.

The perfect mix of comfort and style for a cozy spring trip back to Paris.

Not Your Average Ripped Jeans

April 5, 2017

You thought you knew ripped jeans until you saw these… ripped jeans are taking many new forms. These jeans with ripped bottoms are taking Europe by storm. For a quick and easy outfit, run by Zara and find these in many colors and styles. Some have small rips for a casual and less noticeable distressed-bottom look, and some (like the ones I wore) have severe rips for a more extreme distressed and edgy look. These are the perfect, unique look to pair with a simple tshirt, a graphic tee, or a baggy sweater.

On my trip to Rome I used these as an easy outfit to tour in. Vatican City and it’s beautiful fountains and architecture was the perfect place to pose with friends and take pictures. These jeans were a simple way to add some Euro style to an everyday look.

When in Rome…

A Weekend in Venice

April 2, 2017

I had gotten many mixed reviews on Venice before visiting, but in my opinion, Venice takes the cake for best places to vacation in Italy. A weekend with friends riding gondolas through a town on the water is a great way to start spring break, and a great time to dress your best for spring.

A day of shopping, walking, and eating on the water in the sun calls for your best tank. In the warmer weather, it probably would allow for shorts as well, but this weekend had a breeze- so jeans it was! Italy also has a bit more lenience when it comes to colors. Leaving Paris means ditching the black t-shirts and bringing out your best spring colors. In this case, I spent the first day in dark jeans and a red, embellished and detailed, Free People tank. This outfit is the simplest way to stay warm, comfortable, and take great spring break pics. *Cue soft smiles and selfies.*


Day two called for a bit more dress-up, with a gondola ride added to our schedule. Gondola means pictures, and pictures mean dress your best. Before the trip I managed to pick up a romper from Aboudabi, a boutique in Paris. Their clothes are very original and unique, but easy to wear and trendy as well. I managed to find a cream colored romper with quarter sleeves, covered in the most adorable and discrete butterfly pattern. The pattern looked almost old and vintage, but the style was modern and easy to throw on. I tossed this on for our second day in Venice and added a light wash jean jacket over top, paired with a pair of strappy, turquoise sandals that matched the pattern in the romper perfectly. This outfit made for the perfect boating look (and the perfect Instagram).

Louis Vuitton Foundation

March 25, 2017

A weekend in Paris is meant to be filled with touristy activities on a spring weekend like this. The Louis Vuitton Foundation has been on my list of things to do, and this weekend offers me the perfect opportunity to check it off.

The museum is filled with color, but I wasn’t sure the people would be. I got to work on my obvious French outfit, but tried my best to add new elements. I pulled out my new long-sleeve shirt from Brandy Melville (I know I know, how could I go to Brandy in Paris but I did). I paired it with a pair of AG jeans from Anthropologie that I have been dying to wear for a while. The dark, forest green is an interesting and uncommon color for jeans that I have been eager to try. AG brand jeans are also soft and comfortable, making them a good choice for a day on-the-go. As a staple I threw on my Rag and Bone leather jacket to add the necessary Parisian flare, and black boots and bag to match. I added a simple gold necklace from the tiny jewelry shop in my Shopping Spot section (check it out!).

This outfit ended up being perfect for a tour around the museum and a walk around the huge park surrounding it. There is definitely a lot of incentive to looking chic when walking around a foundation museum for a designer like Louis Vuitton- hope I made him proud!