Spring in the City

March 26, 2017

Spring has sprung in Paris and the new styles of the season have been popping up around the streets. Although the weather isn’t quite as warm as I would expect it to be, people of the city are getting excited and pulling out their new spring items little by little. These two looks are ones I found to be common and cute, and expect to see more of as spring settles in.

The first is centered around this peach colored skirt that seemed to be a slightly structured material. This subject paired it with a red, white, blue and black graphic t-shirt. Over this she put a jean jacket- an easy pair that matches everything. And finished off her look with a thick yellow and navy bandana headband and orange/ light pink rimmed sunglasses. For shoes she used a pair of plain white converse (definitely new). This combination demonstrates someone who seems to know fashion well. She paired many diverse and not matching pieces, and created an outfit that works together perfectly for a fun spring look.


The next girl (on the right of the photo below) uses similar items, leading me to believe these are going to be the most popular looks this spring in Paris, and possibly elsewhere as well. This subject used the jean jacket as her central item, however hers was a large, oversized and baggy jacket, as opposed to the fitted one in the photo above. Both jean jackets nonetheless. She used a plain white t-shirt underneath, and skinny black jeans with black and white sneakers as her less vibrant and more basic pieces. The other highlights of her look come from the top: The bright orange and multicolor bandana headband, and the big black bug-eye sunglasses. These two accessories make this look a little more special and exciting, and show the similarity to the look above. Bandana headbands are coming in fast, and sunglasses never quite go out of style. Also notice her silver rings as a final touch and great addition to her slightly boho look.


These are the sightings of Paris’ new street style statements for 2017. Soon they will be more than likely covering the city in all forms. Can’t wait to see the many variations to come!


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