Fashionable Friends

April 6, 2017

Spring in Paris is tricky. One day its warm, birds are chirping and the sun is bright, then as soon as you pack up your winter necessities it is gloomy and cold as winter. It is a bit of a struggle to figure out what the Paris weather will do next. While taking pictures for class, my friends and I decided to experiment with this concept of contrast in spring, with light and dark. We found our favorite outfits and spring location, Jardin du Luxembourg, and captured the two contrasting outfits.

The First is the dark/ black outfit that consisted of a black, tank, LoveShackFancy jumpsuit with a tie in the middle, paired with a leather jacket, and thin stocking socks under a pair of puffball high tops from Anthropologie. This outfit was finished off with silver accessories. We paired the dangerous look with a slightly dangerous setting, and took pictures of this outfit in the Parisian street outside of the gardens.



The other outfit was the lighter and softer one, with all white pieces. This outfit consisted of white jeans and sneakers, and a simple, textured, white short-sleeve shirt from Zara, with pearl earrings. This look was a little more innocent looking, so we placed it in settings that matches the coloring as well as the spring feeling it gave. We used the flowers to help brighten up the pictures, while also giving it a spring sensation and matching the sweet and adorable look of this outfit compared to the dark one.



Overall, these two looks are very different but make sense in the varying weather of Paris in the spring. This collection gives options for how to make the most of your sunny and cloudy days, with very diverse looks.




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