Coast to Coast

April 28, 2017

This shopping spot is one that I would like to describe as well as recommend. When in Lagos, Portugal I bumped into this little beach shop called Coast, and was overwhelmed by the personality and dedication as well as the apparel. When meeting the manager, I was greeted with enthusiasm and kindness, and showed all of the items in the store- which weren’t too many. During my second visit, I finally got into conversation with her and her boyfriend who were the shop owners.

They owned the space and needed something to do with it. They started off with the idea to start a café but were shut down with laws and regulations, so they decided to start a clothing store combined with bike rental. They were an ambitious pair, and resurfaced and painted the entire store before designing their own logo and clothing line, then choosing and ordering other beach necessities to go in the shop as well.

Their “COAST” logo is printed on t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts for men and women. Their intricate and modern logo is enough to make you want a t-shirt, not to mention the other funny sayings that come on some of the designs. They also carry adorable, bright colored bathing suits with a Pacsun, or Roxy surfer look. Their style could be described as “beach comfort” with the many comfortable sweatshirts and tees, as well as their bathing suit selection.

The store was just being unpacked as I visited both times, and is on the way to becoming an extremely popular Lagos beach shopping destination. I highly recommend visiting them if you are ever in Lagos to see their progress and buy some beach essentials!



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