A Familiar Face

April 15, 2017

Paris is great for discovering strangers in stylish clothes; walking down new, little streets wearing the latest French trends. Every once in a while though, it’s great to spot someone you know setting those trends and being that stylish person that turns heads on the Parisian streets. This week that person was my little sister as she visited my life in Paris and brought her style with her.

Sometimes she is hard to read… how long did it take you to create that masterpiece of an outfit? Or did you throw that on because you rolled out of bed late and it happened to look cool? Many times it is the latter, but on this day she created a brilliant outfit from a few simple, new pieces she picked out. These separates became a whole and her outfit became my next blog post.

I snapped some pictures while she strutted through Jardin de Luxembourg. She pushed away my camera but when she saw these shots of her, she ended up grabbing my phone to get a closer look. Her pairing of seemingly random pieces ended up blending together easily. She started off with a plain blouse and a pair of almost pajama-like pants. A soft material, cropped and light blue, they make for the perfect pj bottoms. However, they are sold at Urban Outfitters as a new summer style. Pairing these pants with a pair of Parisian looking flats with the tassel- like top, she added a level of sophistication to the casual pants.



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