April 20, 2017

This store, EKYOG, was in a more commercialized part of Annecy, France, out of the small town and closer towards the city. I recognized the store from its locations in Paris, and from its window display I knew it had to be good.

I walked in and found countless adorable pieces, the styles and colors very similar to the Madewell brand. There were different sections with lines of different color combinations. The first part was a collection of light pinks (these are everywhere right now!), hues of blue, cream and whites, and greys and blacks mixed in. There were many professional pieces like dresses, blazers and dress pants. These were complimented by sundresses, floral sneakers, and nice, plain t-shirts.


The other sections were filled with navy, red, brown, cream and variations of these. This section included summery blouses, striped sweaters, cardigans, jumpsuits, scarves, t-shirts and heels, among many other things. With all of these options, the store gave much variation and many easy pieces to mix and match. The clothing was sophisticated, preppy and poised, while also offering comfort and practicality. I walked out with an adorable tweed work dress (and almost a matching blazer.)

I am excited to visit the store in Paris and see the similarities/ differences and maybe pick up some work-day styles. I highly recommend stopping in this store wherever you find it.


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