Beads and Jewels

April 18, 2017

It seems that even in the smallest city I am able to find great shops. It also seems that these small shops are some of the best and most unique. I can shop anywhere.. surprise surprise. While in Annecy, France this week I discovered a dozen cute shops of all kinds all within the small main square of town.

The first we went into was a little shop called Un Coin de Paradis. The window display was very cute and approachable with jewelry and accessories filling the shelves. I walked in and was surprised to see the women working there at the counter in the midst of making jewelry. There were boxes of sectioned beads on the island counter in the middle of the store, waiting to be made into wearable jewelry. There were also racks of clothing lining half of the store. There were tshirts, jeans, and sundresses perfect for all summer occasions, and beach bags and purses above the racks.


The other walls of the store were covered in handmade jewelry on a variety of displays. There were colorful bracelets and long beaded necklaces hanging from all over. They were all very summery and young pieces, and also were casual for easy day to day wear. With bags, clothes, accessories and jewelry, this shop is the perfect stop on vacation to grab something cute for yourself or the perfect gift for a friend. An endless supply of special jewelry for any spring or summer occasion, and the perfect stop on the walk to the beautiful mountain view of Lake Annecy.


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