A Spunky Mix

April 29, 2017

Another perfect spot just around the corner from Un Coin de Paradis in Anncey, France was a bigger shop with two two showrooms, but both one store. They had so many cute items, everything from the perfect bags to potential prom dresses. It caught my eye from the outside where they had 10+ different style and color platform shoes. They were all unique and obviously European. Many of them perfect for the beach, while others were perfect for a summer walking around the city.

Right inside the open doors were shelves of purses identical to Stella McCartney bags in all of the right Stella colors, with the identifiable, original dark chain. These bags were good quality, made in Italy. I ended up purchasing a small one in a light tan/ cream color (pictured bottom left). 

Inside were racks of clothing in every area, along with tables and tables of awesome jewelry (some handmade from the place around the corner). Amongst the racks were nice, sophisticated blouses, all types of sundresses, and trendy, detailed jackets (basically everything you would want, you can find).

I ended up getting a long sleeve work blouse along with a black mesh dress with a slip and embroidered with neon flowers, for my older sister. My little sister tried on a white ruffled dress (also came in light pink) with flowers and leather straps as a potential prom dress option. Although, she didn’t get it, she loved it and looked awesome in it. She purchased a beaded and embroidered jean jacket (pictured below). This was one of our favorite spottings, and I am predicting these detailed jackets will be huge in the coming months. I personally loved the jewelry in the store and found some very unique pieces. I found a navy marble beaded bracelet with a gold lion that I fell in love with and regret not purchasing. However, I did find the gold ring (bottom right picture) carved as an Native American chief. I found this piece along with the others to be completely original and unique, and am so glad I found this little shop to bring home some stylish souvenirs.


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