Positano Shoes

April 8, 2017

I don’t know many girls who don’t love shoes.. so for all shoe lovers, Positano is the place to go. Shoes being made before your eyes seems a bit like heaven.

The shopping in Positano was small and limited, mostly beach cover ups and souvenirs. But when it came to shoes, the shops were plentiful and amazing. There were shoe shops on every corner with hundreds of options of sandals on display. It was convenient that I happened to have no sandals for the beach, and needed to purchase a new pair. Luckily with all of the options I made it to a shop without having to search, before even making it to the beach on the first day of my stay.

The first shop I saw was filled with a wide range of adorable, beach sandals so I stopped to take a look. A Paige hanging on the door caught my eye immediately. Hanging by long leather cords, this pair of light grey/white leather lace up gladiators was just what I needed. Expecting the shop owner to take them off the door and hand them to me I pointed and was shocked as he grabbed a pair of my size shoe bottoms and the leather strings. He took out a hammer and nails along with some other tools and began to create my desired sandals before my eyes. In 10 minutes they were perfectly crafted and placed in my hands. It seemed so easy that it had me wondering why everyone everywhere didn’t make shoes like this. The service was easy and exciting to witness, and the shoes were perfect and extremely well made. Although it might seem far fetched to fly across the world to get a pair of sandals made, it is a great stop to make if ever in Italy or near the Amalfi Coast.

Shopping, shoes, and sun- what could be better?!


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