USA to Roma

April 4, 2017

We all know Europe is the center of the fashion world, but it seems that America knows what it is doing as well. I have been finding many stores around Italy that re similar to popular American stores. Which came first.. who knows!

This store I found called Suite Benedict (interesting name choice), was on one of the many shopping streets in Rome near the Spanish Steps. I spotted it thinking it was a Brandy Melville, but walked in and noticed it wasn’t, but was in fact very similar.

The windows were filled with satin sleep shorts, mesh tops, and mini t-shirt dresses- many of which looked almost identical to Brandy Melville pieces. After walking in, I also found that the clothing on the walls matched Brandy almost perfectly, with slight differences. The many white, grey, baby blue, and light pink collections are identical to many of the current Brandy looks.

There were many soft t-shirts, graphic tees, crop tops, rompers, dresses, and much more that resembled the American Brandy store quite well. If you are in Rome, desperate for a taste of home or just want to pick up some basics, this is a great place to stop. It is in a huge shopping area, surrounded by American and European brands- the perfect place to compare, contrast, and find anything you might need.


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