Florence Gems

April 3, 2017

Italy has much more than leather and gelato- it is filled to the brim with fashion. Two of my favorite shops were some of the most colorful and exciting. These two stuck out to me as soon as I passed them on the streets of Florence.

The first was a bright, neon spot filled with shapes and purses. This one was called Pop Bag, and was a filled with purses and bags in different plastic packaging. The displays and plastic bubbles were adorable, it felt like a candy shop . This one-of-a-kind shop was the last thing I expected to find in Florence, Italy, but was a nice surprise on a walk in the rain.


The next was very different, but amazing nonetheless. This one was filled with exciting jackets, unique jeans and and a modern display. It was called Miss Sixty, and was a large store with two levels and an endless supply of recent, trendy and innovative daywear. There were many jeans, neutral colors, and pops of pink covered with embroidering, detailing and texture.

Even though my bags were filled to the brim, so most of our shopping was window shopping, Florence was still a perfect place to look around. It was easy to admire the modern trends and bright ideas put into both of these stores. There is a lot of comfort and excitement in being able to go all the way to Italy and finding amazing, new European fashion.


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