A Weekend in Venice

April 2, 2017

I had gotten many mixed reviews on Venice before visiting, but in my opinion, Venice takes the cake for best places to vacation in Italy. A weekend with friends riding gondolas through a town on the water is a great way to start spring break, and a great time to dress your best for spring.

A day of shopping, walking, and eating on the water in the sun calls for your best tank. In the warmer weather, it probably would allow for shorts as well, but this weekend had a breeze- so jeans it was! Italy also has a bit more lenience when it comes to colors. Leaving Paris means ditching the black t-shirts and bringing out your best spring colors. In this case, I spent the first day in dark jeans and a red, embellished and detailed, Free People tank. This outfit is the simplest way to stay warm, comfortable, and take great spring break pics. *Cue soft smiles and selfies.*


Day two called for a bit more dress-up, with a gondola ride added to our schedule. Gondola means pictures, and pictures mean dress your best. Before the trip I managed to pick up a romper from Aboudabi, a boutique in Paris. Their clothes are very original and unique, but easy to wear and trendy as well. I managed to find a cream colored romper with quarter sleeves, covered in the most adorable and discrete butterfly pattern. The pattern looked almost old and vintage, but the style was modern and easy to throw on. I tossed this on for our second day in Venice and added a light wash jean jacket over top, paired with a pair of strappy, turquoise sandals that matched the pattern in the romper perfectly. This outfit made for the perfect boating look (and the perfect Instagram).


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