Louis Vuitton Foundation

March 25, 2017

A weekend in Paris is meant to be filled with touristy activities on a spring weekend like this. The Louis Vuitton Foundation has been on my list of things to do, and this weekend offers me the perfect opportunity to check it off.

The museum is filled with color, but I wasn’t sure the people would be. I got to work on my obvious French outfit, but tried my best to add new elements. I pulled out my new long-sleeve shirt from Brandy Melville (I know I know, how could I go to Brandy in Paris but I did). I paired it with a pair of AG jeans from Anthropologie that I have been dying to wear for a while. The dark, forest green is an interesting and uncommon color for jeans that I have been eager to try. AG brand jeans are also soft and comfortable, making them a good choice for a day on-the-go. As a staple I threw on my Rag and Bone leather jacket to add the necessary Parisian flare, and black boots and bag to match. I added a simple gold necklace from the tiny jewelry shop in my Shopping Spot section (check it out!).

This outfit ended up being perfect for a tour around the museum and a walk around the huge park surrounding it. There is definitely a lot of incentive to looking chic when walking around a foundation museum for a designer like Louis Vuitton- hope I made him proud!


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