London in Pink

March 17, 2017

A weekend in London is a shopping paradise to say the least. Although I didn’t have much time for shopping and spent most of my time at the sights, the shopping I did see was tempting and put up quite the competition for Paris.

I spent two mornings shopping in Camden market, which had streets filled with cheesy t-shirt shops and knock-off designer products. However, reaching the end of the streets and crossing the bridge, I found the best little collection of shops. There were countless shops with tiny, dainty handmade jewelry of all forms. (I’m pretty sure) everything was handmade in this section, with many artists and jewelry makers watching their booths as they made new pieces behind their counters.

Another spot filled with endless shopping was the Covent Garden area. There were classic American stores like Urban Outfitters (I can’t tell if the Urban is better in London, or if I haven’t been in an American store in so long that I don’t know what they’re selling). I also found cute vintage shops and tiny boutiques at every corner. One of my favorites was a little boutique called Skinny Dipping, which carried all types of brightly colored and clever accessories.

The next shopping hit was probably the biggest check off of my London to-do list. I stopped at Harrods, which I could have spent a week walking around in. I walked through a million clothing sections (and walked through the gift-shop for some fun souvenirs). I also found the infinitely big TopShop on Oxford street. It felt like it would take days to get through it, with dozens of different sections. I even found a section with a women personally embroidering and patching jeans and jean jackets.

I only hit a tiny portion of the places, but any stroll around London will have you diving head first into boutiques of every shape and size.



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