Gare de Nord

March 13, 2017

I don’t typically write about men’s fashion, or even study it very much for that matter, but in Paris it is more prominent and easier to appreciate. I have been noticing the lively men’s street style a lot since I have been in Paris and have been hesitant to document it. However, while on an excursion with my photography class I spotted some intriguing men’s style, and with camera in-hand, I snuck a few shots.

It’s not everyday that I spot a confident man in floral pants on the street, so it caught my eye as soon as I exited the Gare de Nord. This outfit was not too outrageous, and didn’t seem attention seeking, but rather a casual personal choice. These floral jeans had just enough pink in the design to make them exciting, and just enough green to keep them toned down. When zooming in, it seems that the floral pattern is hand-painted onto the pants, which makes me wonder where he got them or if he painted them himself. To pair these pants with a black and muted, olive green flannel was a perfectly masculine choice in my opinion. This combination offered a little bit of European flare and thrill, while also keeping the outfit practical.

The bright white, new-looking, Reeboks with a slight platform, prove to us again that this man is clearly focussed and concerned on his style. To top off his careful look, a Gucci duffle bag sits at his feet as he smokes his cigarette waiting for something outside of the train station. He keeps his aviators on and earphones in, completely unconcerned with the  people around him. He definitely noticed me, however, taking his picture but I don’t think he seemed to care. Perhaps he knew I was admiring his sense of style.




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