Bundled Up

March 18, 2017

Street fashion is a huge part of Parisian culture. Walking around in Paris it is easy to spot fashion trends on every corner- capturing them is the hard part. I was able to snap a quick shot of this woman on my way to class today. Paris is still a bit chilly, although spring is on the horizon. But being cold is no reason to sacrifice fashion. And everyone in Paris knows it. 

The trick is to layer. We can spot a few layers in this photo, especially on her top half. A discrete black, floral shirt is popping out on her wrist and serves as her bottom layer. Over that she wears a black hoodie, covered by the green and off-white, aztec poncho. (The poncho is definitely what caught my eye.) She adds to her warmth with a cream beanie and aviator sunglasses. Her two braids add an even more boho touch to her casual, edgy look. On the bottom she wears black baggy jogger/sweatpants and my personal favorite touch, the platform, black patent leather shoes.

With each piece dissected, the outfit seems simple and casual. But it caught my eye, and once I focussed on it, I realized all of the many elements that had been put together. She took many simple and comfortable pieces and put them together for the perfect boho look for a casual day on the streets of Paris.

Layer layer layer!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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