March 16, 2017

This is not your average little Parisian boutique with sun dresses and funky sneakers. My first visit to Colette, near the Tuleries Gardens, was a great one. This store is considered a clothing and accessories retailer, but has a restaurant filling the bottom floor which makes it a little tricker to find. The store is filled with clothing and gadgets. Everything from graphic t-shirts, to Rolex watches, to the custom designed iPhones.

The main floor is covered in the technology and nick-nacks of the store. There were never-before-seen shoes in brands like Nike, Vans, etc. There were the latest designs and technology in headphones, as well as custom-designed pairs by celebrities. The floor also contained a wide range of phones and phone cases, starting with custom-designed iPhones pricing up to $6,000+ and ending with phone cases covered in mink fur.

My favorite section was the one I made a purchase from. The front of the store had a wide range of glasses- sunglasses and reading. I hit the jackpot with an interesting pair of See Concept, Paris glasses. I found a pair of screen protective glasses, which block out 40% of blue light from your computer and phone screens, protecting your eyes from the harsh light and disabling the light from keeping you awake.

The second floor was filled with innovative and exotic clothing pieces, displayed like a museum on mannequins. The overall aesthetic of the store was extremely similar to a museum exhibition, with everything displayed in glass cases. I would recommend checking out this store during a shopping day in Paris, or even just in passing on your way home from the Garden across the street. You are bound to find an interesting little something.


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