Tuleries Gardens

March 14, 2017

The sun is shining in Paris!!! A much awaited, warm day had the streets and sights of Paris filled today. With the first signs of spring in the air, I knew I couldn’t be caught indoors. So  I put together an outfit for the 60 degree, windy weather. I started off with my classic leggings and Adidas for walking around and shopping. Next I put on a Free People vintage, grey, band t-shirt. To top it off I added a baggy, light jean jacket. This was my Parisian element, as the French are never seen anywhere without a heavy jacket.

In attempt to meet friends at the modern clothing accessories store, Colette, I stumbled upon the Tuleries Gardens. I walked around the garden and threw on my dark green marble, Michael Kors sunglasses. This outfit is perfect for a casual shopping day with a lot of walking. As spring begins to bloom, the layers will come off and my style will get brighter and a little bit more fun. I will continue to observe the French spring style and develop my own in accordance. I might have to drop a bit of the black though..


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