Étienne Marcel

March 3, 2017

Another week means another shopping day (or a few). Today I made my way towards Rue Étienne Marcel in the 2nd arrondissement. While searching for new places for shopping I stumbled across multiple good reviews on this area. Many people refer to this spot as “The Little California.”

My favorite street was called Rue Tiquetonne, which was a amall street off of Étienne Marcel. This street had some adorable shops including one called “nice things” which had high quality, preppy/ chic style. There were pairs of slip ons and gladiator sandals, as well as countless rompers and jumpers. There was a also a store called Kiliwatch which was a vintage shop. This was the one with the flowered ceiling and leather bags. There were men and women’s sections of the store, and new as well as used sections. The used section had all vintage clothes- everything from leather and fur jackets, to Levi’s shorts and jeans. Another vintage store that was a little more crowded and slightly more difficult to look around, but still good, was one called episode.

A shop called Démocratie had an Asian style. They had an amazing selection of shoes. There were amazing platform sneakers and gorgeous black leather loafers. There wasn’t a huge selection but very original designs. I found a small boutique inside of the Passage Du Grand Cerf called Dear that had dainty jewelry. It was doors down from an artist that was painting live in his shop.

There were many more stores to discover on these streets as well as in the passages nearby. The 2nd arrondissement had the perfect mix of big and tiny stores to satisfy any shopping craving on a free day in Paris.


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