Shiny Shoes

February 19, 2017

Another weekend in a new country means opportunity to discover the latest fashion trends in Europe. What an opportunity. This weekend some girl friends and I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark. The first most noticeable thing about the city was its absolutely bitter temperature, which made fashion a little bit difficult to spot and more difficult to wear. However, it was easy to pick up on some of the new and unusual trends that were blanketing the city.

The first style I happened to notice from the many bus trips I took, was the shiny shoe. And by this I mean men and women’s black leather boots with a patent leather toe (like the front rubber toe of a classic converse shoe). It was difficult to decipher whether it was a style or a brand that made these boots so popular but I definitely noticed them passing me by all day long. I also picked up on a style I am hoping I can figure out how to master, myself. Many women in Europe, but especially Copenhagen, have been layering flowing, gaucho-style pants in a work pant material, with sneakers or loafers, and a long trench coat/ peacoat. The coats often reach their knees or ankles, and are layered over a turtleneck. This outfit looks a bit ‘thrown together’ but is also daring and bold.

As for me, I was slightly unimpressive, as I was covered in a parka and scarf. I resembled more of a marshmallow in the cold wind than any type of high fashion model. However, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and focus on observing those around us- especially when they have good taste in shoes. 


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