The Louvre

February 7, 2017

No class on Tuesdays is quite a wonderful thing when you’re living in Paris. It seems like I have so many little corners of the city yet to discover. My roommates and I attempted to get a head-start on this today as we took off towards the Louvre for a full day of shopping.

We found that on the main road of… many of the stores were quite repetitive. Some of them had us spinning in circles thinking we had already gone in to a particular store, when in reality they just had doubles of some stores doors down from each other. It seemed pretty strange but we didn’t mind of course going into stores multiple times, we had all day to browse. We found that most of the small stores on this main street were filled with expensive, simple, sophisticated and often repetitive pieces. It was slightly off-putting because we expected to see a lot of the exotic French street style, but every few stores we would find a gem or two. One of my favorites was the adorable patched jeans that I found in a small stocking/sock store(?) We also found a local jewelry maker who had an amazing, professional boutique in a small alley. With her, we also discovered that in Paris, unlike America, stores prefer that you ask anytime you want to touch anything that is in any form of display.. Note to self..

Our ultimate favorite was a store located past the Louvre called Mes demoiselles. It looked almost like a private showroom and reminded me of Free People in its boho chic pieces. It had an amazing interior design as well, with marble doorways and countertops, velvet curtains and neon signs. The design of the store was just as gorgeous as the clothing surprisingly. The store was full of exotic fluffy sweaters and floor-length boho dresses. I fell in love with a mustard/ green, velvet, skinny strap, dainty maxi dress. But all this glamour certainly comes with a steep price, unfortunately but not surprisingly.


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