Galeries Lafayette

March 2, 2017

The greatest tourist attraction in Paris, even to the Eiffel Tower, is La Galeries Lafayette. It is a huge mall in the 3rd arrondissement filled with over 5 stories of clothing and all sorts of shopping. Each floor is a different section (women’s children’s, men’s, etc). The ceiling is a huge dome with beautiful stained glass. The metal railing on every floor was intricately built with gold, and the walls in every direction were painted in gold and bright colors with beautiful, intricate designs.

During my trip I focussed on the Haute Couture floor which had clothing of top designers on amazing, extravagant displays. The clothing in the Kenzo section was some of my favorite. They had an iridescent and silver bag collection with clutches and small phone shoulder bags. they also had an amazing section of graphic t-shirts and patched jeans and jean skirts.

The Fedi section was designed as an ice cream/ dessert truck with icing displays and their new shoes and clothing on top. I also noticed the Balenciaga section which contained a plastic, yellow, puffy vest worn by ASAP Rocky. It looked like a survival vest you would wear in a water landing plane crash, but was such an awesome, over-the-top design that I loved it. After circling the floors of the amazing displays of couture fashion, I was a bit overwhelmed and headed to the Galerie Des Galeries.

When we got to the Galerie Des Galeries, which was an art gallery within the mall. It contained a clothing collection of plain garments with white walls, black sheets and wooden structures. It was a gorgeous display of art and fashion, with bright pops of color in the large room.

It was a wonderful stop into this incredible building. The clothes, accessories, shoes and more were endlessly flooding the layers of the mall. It could take days to see every designer and shop, so it looks like I will have to go back a few more times…


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