Dress to Impress

February 21, 2017

With my Paris fashion week internship with Badgley Mischka coming right around the corner, I am planning the best way to look professional and fashionable for the week. I hope to make enough of a statement to blend in to the fashion world, and also hope to stay comfortable and moveable as well.

Our instructions were to wear all black, to be comfortable and professional for the Haute Couture market that we will be working with. My first instinct was obviously to check my closet to see what I had already that I can wear. Although I usually wear no black at home, I of course have developed blacked into my wardrobe here in Paris. I have a few pairs of black jeans that were great as basics to start off my outfits. Then I spotted a slightly cropped long sleeve, synched, black blouse. *One outfit complete*

Then I headed to my, overused and slightly cliché, favorite store in paris- Zara. I knew this would give me a few final touches to these outfits. There were infinite options at my go-to store. Starting with a black blouse with cropped flowering sleeves, this was the perfect, sweet addition to an outfit for a day on the job. Next, I found a pair of black leggings with textured stripes on the side. With this simple touch of texture, these plain leggings are perfect for an all black outfit. I also found the world’s softest sweater, with another textured stripe and a turtleneck as well as a baggy underarm giving it more volume and shape. I also found a plain, short-sleeved black t-shirt dress with a synched turtleneck. I think this would be an amazing combination with black sheer tights and my favorite pair of white, fur sneakers. This adds just enough spunk to a simple and polished outfit.

I can’t wait to see what the other interns, as well as my bosses, will be wearing- not to mention the models. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity to get a peek and get a day in the life in the fashion world.

Updates to come!


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