Badgley Mischka

March 8, 2017

I am living a dream here while interning with Badgley Mischka. I have been dressing models everyday in the gorgeous, couture gowns from dusk to dawn. This morning we did a photoshoot for their Instagram account. The models dressed in two gorgeous gowns from the couture collection and we went outside and down the street to the dome. We shot the models on the street in their gowns and fur jackets. It only lasted a few minutes though, because the models were chilly and they are a little bit picky in regard to their comfort.

I spent the days of my internship dressing these high-fashion models in the Badgley Mischka couture and high fashion evening gowns as well as their day-to-day pant, skirt and blouses. Clients came into the showroom one after another and began pointing fingers rapidly at the pieces they wanted to see on the models. We zipped the pieces on and off, seeing many of the popular pieces repeatedly, but with a seemingly endless amount articles coming in and out of the dressing room all day.

The models were extremely experienced at being in the showroom and helping it run smoothly. They tended to give demands to the interns and I, but it was much appreciated considering I felt I had a lot left to learn and was a little bit clueless when I first walked in. When I walked out on my last day, the models and I were kissing cheeks and exchanging Instagram handles. I felt like I learned a lifetime worth of information within the days I was in the showroom. It was an experience I might never have again, that taught me more than any class could. I am so grateful to have met the genuine people from Badgley Mischka and to have been able to make my small mark on Paris Fashion Week 2017.


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